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I got bored last year and finally got my Amateur Radio operator's license. This is something I had wanted to do when I was a teenager. So its not too late I suppose. I only got my Technician class license. No code is required. I passed Element 3 for my General Class license but I have not done the code yet. Got until May.

Anyhow here's some stuff:
I bought a Radio Shack HTX-202 hand held 2m transceiver. It was cheap and works fine. It did not come with the rechargeable battery pack though. So I have been using the AA battery pack. I recently bought 2 Radio Shack BTX-121 transceivers. They came with rechargeable battery packs. The packs fit the HTX-202. That was the good news. Unfortunately, they are higher voltage. You can use a higher voltage pack on the HTX-202 but if you use the rubber ducky antenna, you get the dreaded "ERR2" lockup. Basically with the higher battery volatge, you get a higher RF output and it feedback on the unit. Several sites suggested putting a capacitor across the battery inputs. I tried several times with various capacitors I had. All were too big to fit on the backside of the PCB. I guess with the longer leads inside, they caused troubles. I then bought some Radio Shack 0.1 microfarad ceramic capacitoers (#272-109). One would fit nicely and it worked!

  1. Backside of HTX-202 with capacitor in place
  2. Closeup of Backside of HTX-202 with capacitor in place. Note the trace layout.
  3. HTX-202 with BTX-121 battery.
  4. HTX-202 (right) and BTX-121 (left) batteries
  5. HTX-202 and BTX-121 with their respective batteries.
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